Umeed Scheme

  • National Rural Livelihoods Mission is being run in the State of J&K as Jammu & Kashmir State Rural Livelihoods Mission (Umeed). J&K SRLM mandate is:
  • To reach out to 66% of rural population across the erstwhile 125 blocks,
  • Link them to sustainable livelihoods opportunities and nurture them till they come out of poverty and enjoy a decent quality of life.

Core values

The core values which will guide all the activities under NRLM are as :

  1. Inclusion of the poorest, and meaningful role to the poorest in all the processes
  2. Transparency and accountability of all processes and institutions
  3. Ownership and key role of the poor and their institutions in all stages – planning, implementation, and monitoring
  4. Community self-reliance and self-dependence.

Guiding Principles of Umeed

  1. Poor Have a Strong desire to come out of poverty they have innate Capabilities.
  2. An external dedicated and sensitive support structure is required to induce social Mobilization institution Building empowerment Process
  3. Facilitating knowledge dissemination, skill building, access to Credit, access to marketing.
  4. Access to other livelihood services enabling them to enjoy a sustainable portfolio of livelihoods